Sycamore Springs MG Pandora

Welcome to Sycamore Springs Farm. In 2009, our family started raising quality Nigerian Dwarf goats with the goal to improve the breed in dairy, show, 4H and breeding. In 2015, our entire herd was tested and negative for CAE, CL & Johnne's disease. Our prices are based on milk production, show potential and pet quality. All of our goats are fed Purina Goat Chow or ADM Nutrition, Chaffhaye, Alfalfa Hay, Sweetlix loose minerals and Organic Thorvin Kelp that is available at all times. We have been so blessed and thankful to the many people that have helped us along this journey.

*We offer a $50.00 discount on the purchase of more than one goat*

2014 AGS National Top 10 1 Day Awards

SG Double Durango Princess Sky 1*D 1*M AR
2 Way Tie for 2nd in BF at 9.9%
4 Way Tie for 8th in Protein at 4.8
Longest Days in Milk 424 Days

AR Olson Acres CM Phoebe Buffet 2*D 2*M AR
2 Way Tie for 4th in BF at 9.7%

AR Little Tots Estate Veronica 1*D 1*M *DD
2 Way Tie for 9th in BF at 8.7%
4 Way Tie for 3rd in Protein at 5.7%

AR Muddy Creek RW Charmin 1*D 1*M
5 Way Tie for 3rd in Protein at 5.3%


2014 ANDDA Silver Award--
AR AOF MG Elizabeth Anne Everest 2*M 6*D AR2686

2014 ANDDA Bronze Award--
SG Double Durango Princess Sky *D *M AR

2014 ANDDA Bronze Award--
AR Little Maple Farm Rosie *D 1*M

Carl and Tammy Redmond
Richmond, KY 40475